Ashesi Here We Come!

Oh my God what a new world altogether, how I wish all my life was in Ashesi. Actually, we had heard a lot about Ashesi and really wanted to have a feel of what this university. We heard about Ashesi Robotics Experience (ARX) while we were back in school, so we applied and luckily enough we were selected to participate in this year’s ARX.

I’m Anambi, a former student of Navorongo Senior High School. I came with a flight from Tamale to Accra; this was my first time aboard a plane and my first time in the capital city of Ghana, Accra. My trip from Accra to Ashesi was also interesting because I got to know different kinds of people. I was really surprised to know how people in the south go about some of their things, like their language. My journey to Ashesi was wonderful.

I’m Johnson from Opoku Ware School. I’m based in Sunyani but came with the Kumasi bus.

I’m also Kwabena from Prempeh College, based in Kumasi.



Mentors assisting participants in registration

We had heard a lot about Ashesi Robotics Experience and wanted to have a feel of it, in fact, a day before our departure we could hardly sleep due to anxiety. The day finally came and wee left Kumasi around 5:30 pm. Our Journey was interesting since we met different people we didn’t know and this made us socialize with them, we learnt a lot about them and we shared ideas about science and technology. The most interesting part of the journey was that we had to pick up several students at specific points such as Nkawkaw and Koforidua. This gave those who had never had the opportunity to go to those place a chance to see them. The road to Ashesi too was very nice; you get to climb and descend hills. Finally we got to Ashesi University. We were given a warm welcome by beautiful ladies and handsome gentlemen who were to be our mentors.


Mentors excited about arrival of participants

Finally we were at Ashesi, completely lost in a new world, wonderful structures and spectacular architecture; if not for the ARX 2013. The reception we got was very warm and welcoming and in all, we had great fun on our trip. We had a fabulous trip and got to meet amazing people, all thanks to ARX 2013 organizers.

Anambi, Johnson and Kyeremah


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