Ready, Pack, Go!

So what do you need for a journey, a suitcase perhaps, a vehicle to carry you to your destination, or just a phone with a pair of earphones?  With all these in check let us dive into the story of four groups of seemingly boring journeys.


Guy A takes a flight from Tamale all the way to Accra ad continues the journey with a bus; no talking because no one knows no one. Guy B takes the bus from Cape Coast to his destination with his fellow classmates only stopping for a few other guys, and hopefully girls. The girls seem very important to these guys so they are sitting in singles just waiting for a girl to sit by them. Well, Guy B is very eager and takes a front seat only for a guy to join the bus and sit right beside him; disappointing!

Guy C hustles for a bus at a certain bus station. He is guessing how boring his journey would be and it turns out just that way, until a girl decides to break the silence. From then on, everyone talked for the rest of the journey…Not so boring after all!


Guy D is getting picked up at the Accra mall. There are a bunch of people waiting there too, but no one wants to anyone. No one is even willing to go the Silverbird cinema for free while waiting; you can guess how boring this journey would be and you would be right.

So, how did all these guys meet? Well, their final destination happened to be in Ashesi University. As these guys step foot onto the Ashesi campus they just know the boredom is over; the place just screamed of exciting activities and this was just the beginning.


Andrew, Stephen and Amos


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