We Are Here!


Participants arriving.

From different parts of the country, Legon and Koforidua, Beulah, Karen and Miriam met at Ashesi with one purpose: to have an experience that will help us in our quest to find out more about robotics and technology.

With our luggage, we stood at our various pick-up points for the bus. We stood there so long we began to look like refugees; with our pillows and everything. For those who came with the bus it was quite boring since we knew almost no one; yet there was this particular interesting sign board that got us laughing. it said “Fufu with bush meat” and it was pointing to a rundown wooden shack. The dusty road and humble Berekuso village got us wondering how our final destination would look like but it was amazing to see the beautiful Ashesi campus very environmentally friendly. The ARX mentors were no exception in the whole complete and beautiful Ashesi campus. We were shown our rooms upon arrival and straight from there, there was a mini-scavenger hunt involving finding directions to all parts of the university.


Mentors assisting participants.


Some participants on the mini-scavenger hunt.

The best thing, we must say, was our first introduction to the Honor Code; Honesty, loyalty and truth. This happened at the end of the hunt where we were all to pick a sweet each from the Cofitos candy jar. It was difficult but it took a lot of discipline to undertake. In all, the whole journey, our arrival and all the post activities marked the beginning  of a new experience worth looking forward to.

El-Beulah, Miriam and Karen


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