Where And How At All Is Ashesi?

You are probably wondering about the above question at this moment. Just put on your seat belt and get ready for the ride!

Just imagine you being invited to a place that you have no idea about. Yea, that’s what happened to us. Generally, we all started our journey on Sunday 11th August, 2013 in buses with different people from various places. What actually made us similar was that, we were all curious in one way or the other: what would Ashesi actually look like? For some of us who had to journey over long distances, we ended up sleeping because the journey seemed to take forever


We finally crossed the Greater Accra boundary in to the Eastern Region and to a town called Berekuso, truth be told, the road to the town was very dusty. This got us wondering why anyone would want to build a university in such a place.


Our breaths caught in our throats when we saw Ashesi University way up on the hill. We were totally lost for words when we finally got onto the campus; the clean environment alone would leave you speechless. The kind of welcome we received was simply amazing. Quite interesting isn’t it?

Patience and Janet


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