Our Experience While the Sun Was Up.

Henrietta Ampofo (H), Belinda Zomayi (B) and Rachael Nortey (R) of A103A are going to tell you briefly about our experience at the ARX on Monday afternoon.

B: At about 11:30am, we had a lecture by Dr. Korsah on Robotics and RobotC for Programming.

R: I was very excited learning about robots. I was a bit confused though as it was my very first time listening to a lecture on robotics.


B: After the lecture, we were placed in groups with different people; people we have never met before Ashesi and ARX. I ended up in group 20 with two guys.

H: I was anxiously sitting with my friends. I was not quite ready to leave my comfort zone (my friends) to my growth zone. I was placed in group 2 with two other guys as well.

R: I was put in group 19; made up of just two members. We were both girls.


B: So we were given the task to build and program a robot to move as fast as possible a distance of one meter and turn ninety degrees left. The competition was dubbed ‘1 meter dash’. In my group, we had divided the tasks; I programmed while the others built.


R: in my group, we kept alternating tasks.

H: My group jelled quite quickly and we all brought on board our strengths. The competition started at 4pm instead of 3pm as most groups were still not done.

B: I really do not remember my group’s position but we were not first but we definitely not last.


R: Oh, we were not last but our robot was not fast enough so were not first either.

H: Our robot was very fast but not very accurate all the same we were first. Afterwards we had time to socialize.


HRB: We had loads of fun working with new people and actually programming.

Henrietta, Belinda and Racheal


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