Wow! What An Experience!

Well, I actually had mixed feelings when I was on my way to have a taste of this ‘experience’, because I had no idea whatsoever about what was going to happen. My mindset and the mental picture I had, however, changed completely after my one hour journey from Accra to this serene, beautiful and artistically designed campus called Ashesi University.  We were warmly received by our mentors and we toured the campus, we were later given a welcome address in the evening by the lovely Dr. Ayorkor Korsah; one of the faculty in charge of ARX.


Dr. Korsah giving the participants a welcome address.


Participants during the orientation session.

The next day, Monday morning, I felt a bit anxious as I wondered how the day would go activity-wise. Funny enough; it turned out to be a hell of an experience when we were introduced to the world of robotics research. This robotics research session really gave me a clear picture as to what we were to expect. After the first lecture, we were guided on how to build a Lego Mindstorm® robot in groups, at the end of it all it was pretty fun. We also got to learn a new programming language called RobotC, this is different from the NXTG 2.0 I had rigorously prepared for. RobotC was more text-based so it made me feel like a computer genius; the feeling was just overwhelming!!!


I would urge anyone interested in robots and computer science to be a part of ARX and the Ashesi family; there is always a chance for new beginnings.

Kofi, Theophilus and Emmanuel


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