The Fantastic Tuesday.

The day started on a boring note and we thought it would continue like that through the morning, until 1:30pm, then voila! Things changed for the best!

Alumni Panel


One of the panel members sharing some experiences.


It all started when the alumni panel introduced us to Computer Science and Management Information Systems (MIS).  In fact the excitement rose within us like smoke rising from fire all the way to the sky; when the panel shared light on what these various fields were, it was filling an empty barrel with water. We felt totally content having the opportunity to know what the future holds for us. The information session made us know the importance of all the various subjects we learn in high school. This combination of subjects is just like software and hardware being combined to make a robot work.

Oh My, A Lollipop Robot?!

After a fifteen minute break, we went to the computer laboratories and entered the world of robotics. It was quite a surprise on finding out the task that lay ahead of us. From our usual Lego kits we were made to build another robot from basic materials we see every day. In building the lollybot we used a game controller, redesigned a circuit board and did a lot of other interesting stuff.


The finished Lollybot


The ARX is indeed a worthwhile experience and we can boldly say it has made us the ‘primus inter pares’ despite the numerous challenges we might have faced due to our infancy in in this field. On the bright side this experience proved to be an eye opener to the problems in our environment, and encourage us to find and use simple materials to build simple robots to solve them.

Roland, Leslie and Samuel


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