The Truth About A Myth.

People say somethings are for men only but what is your opinion? Are somethings really for men only or girls can do all that boys can do? For sometime now, we have been wondering about what  the truth of this myth really is. Today the answer came knocking at our door. ARX Day 2 has been very interesting and fun. If you want to discover the answer too; read on.



Tools to be used to build the Lollybot.

It was a blast. The day had a lot of surprises in store for us. The co-founder of the program and a lecturer at Ashesi University, Dr. Ayorkor Korsah introduces us to Computer Science and Robotics.You actually built a robot without the use of the NXT Lego kit! During the lecture, we learnt that some materials such as metal, plastic, wood, cameras, microphones, desktops or laptops can all be used to build robots. An example of such robot is the Lollybot, and that’s what we did today.

Secondly, it was amazing! Honestly building a lollybot is not that easy. It involves both the mechanical, the electrical parts of engineering and a lot of hardwork. All the work to be done in building our Lollybot was not left on the boys as one would have expected. Girls soldered using the soldering iron and solder, they used the hot glue guns, pliers and the drilling machine. Saving the best for last,  the girls also used the hacksaw blade to do some cuttings. I know right! What we saw and did today truly convinced us that indeed girls can do what boys can do.


Participants build the Lollybot.


Never had we imagined constructing a robot on our own. We made light sensors on our own by using pieces of papers as our motherboard and we had to connect resistors, LED’s and made wire connections. We also made bump sensors by attaching a lollypop to the joystick of the game pad. Both boys and girls of my team played active roles in the construction.


What happened today is something you need to see if you believe in the myth. I hope you are now convinced that indeed girls can do what boys can do. The work on the Lollybot was a lot and we were not able to finish but we are waiting to see how the final Lollybot will look like.

Linda and Mercy


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