The Heat of the Intro to the Final Challenge

One of the greatest moments in during the ARX was when the final challenge was introduced. All through the first two days we had programmed simply in syntax on making the robot move forward. This morning we are going to start working on our final challenge and every group is high on its toes.



We were expecting a day like this on the ARX schedule so we could apply what we have experienced so far.  Having been introduced to the final challenge, we started working on its structure and program in RobotC; we are to program an AMA police prototype. The mission of this AMA prototype is to demolish all unwanted structures in Accra on automation (that is by itself); this is a problem that the AMA wants to solve. We are to build and program this robot to navigate through a maze representing the streets of Accra, to get to its target and demolish it.


I believe this challenge will help us go beyond what we are familiar with. All groups needed to program an ultrasonic sensor, a touch sensor and a light sensor to assist the robot in its navigation; we were all way out of our comfort zones. Back in the lab, some had built and written the programs with the support of their mentors from Ashesi University; programming the robot for this task was definitely complicated. Still with the heat on-going, we had to break for our recreational activity.


DSC00094Indeed, upon hearing what the final challenge was, the excitement in the room was heightened. I took it as a new experience, a new challenge and a path to grow.

Mikpekoah, Aaron, Andrews and Blankson


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