ARX: The Final Challenge

This part of the day was the most exciting, interesting and quite innovative. The happiest time we had was at the final challenge when a lot of activities were going on. Every group was busy calculating, rearranging, organizing and planning on how to come out with a working robot.


The final challenge took place in the afternoon where some of our parents were invited to witness our progress so far in the program and the end result. The project went on smoothly; some robots were exciting, others were disappointing.


In every challenge there is to be a winner and a loser. There were three teams whose robots performed exceedingly above all other teams; they were giving awards and certificates for their hard work. Each member of the rest of the teams was also given certificates for participation and hard work.


We are very excited and grateful for the assistance and cooperation given us by the Ashesi team, we hope to get another chance to experience all this again. We hope to apply to Ashesi in the near future and pray we do get admitted.

Kedamawit, Helena and Grace