The Unforgettable Friday.

So it is Friday in Ashesi which means I am going home the next day and it was really a lot of fun that day. It was also a lot of fun to see some of us back to the programming of our robots for the final challenge.


Early in the morning we had our breakfast and went back to the lab to build our frustrating robot, trying to get parts assembled properly and looking for some logical errors which could be corrected. We also saw how robots could behave perfectly and then during the challenge disappoint us. This has made us understand, that as an engineer you have to make sure you practice more efficiently even during the time your robot is behaving perfectly, so as to ensure more accurate values for the robot’s maximum perfection.


After lunch, the time was due and the final challenge was ready to kick off. Some of our parents attended the program to witness our progress and what we have been able to accomplish. When the time came for the challenge to begin, we were all reluctant to go because we wanted to make some last minute error detections and corrections. I am happy in Ashesi and sad that I am leaving the next day, I recognize I had many friends and will really miss them a lot. The competition started; a lot of robots were able to complete their tasks successfully, others did not have it too well, anyway every robot was able to complete the task in less than four minutes


Afterwards we were all given certificates.  With joy in our hearts, and sorrow because would have to go back home tomorrow, we took pictures and had a talent show.

Justice, Caleb and Takhele