ARX: On Friday Night

As the African adage goes, “for every tunnel there is a light at the end and hence everything that has got a beginning has got an end” and so did the whole ARX 2013 that was held at Ashesi University. First impressions they say are very important but in my opinion, so are last impressions.



As you may know already, every activity that was held during ARX 2013 was at its best and the last activity was no different.  This last activity gave us the opportunity to leave an excellent last impression on our mentors and colleagues.




The program was started with a variety show where most of us had the opportunity to exhibit our talents. After some frustration by our robots at the final challenge and our effort to try to give ourselves some encouragement, we were faced by something that sent us galloping to the computer laboratory; we had to go rehearse for our acts in preparation for the variety show.




That evening we became happy boys and girls and hence performed wonderfully at the variety show. I believe you can guess what followed the variety show; we had an ice-cream party and jams.

Philospher, Rafael and Lawrence.