The Blog on Movie Night – 4D

Some people prefer action movies, others animation but I definitely go with comedy!


After all the hard work and trying to make our robots work to perfection, we definitely needed a break and YES, the mentors did it again! It was the MOVIE NIGHT!!! Three of our lecture halls were modified into cinemas, each showing a movie which actually started at 7:10pm, with loads and loads of movie trailers the movie finally begun at 7:45pm. The cinema showing Parental Guidance was packed!


I preferred to dedicate my night to laughter so I watched Parental Guidance. It is a 2012 movie that runs for an hour and forty-five minutes and it centers on an old couple, Artie and Diane, who agree to look after their grandchildren when their parents had to leave town. Problems arise when the kids’ twenty-first century behaviors collide with Artie and Diane’s old school methods. I really enjoyed as it was complimented with some popcorn and Fandango, it made the perfect mood.


“Iron Man 3 was amazing!” – Emma.

“The movies were cool but I wished the Fandango would be milkshakes” – Marvin.

“Epic is just…No word can describe how I feel! – Andrews.

Other satisfied viewers also had these thoughts. The movie night turned out well, it was enjoyed by all and this was no 3D but definitely 4D!

Salomey and Richeal