Who Is More Annoying, Robots Or Humans?

DSCN3786After this morning’s experience, I can bet that robots can be more annoying than humans.                                                                                                               Can u imagine that I programmed my robot to follow a wall and it was trying to climb the wall instead, I programmed it to follow a black line and it was spinning instead? Well, I was not the only frustrated person in the lab; I caught sight of a fair boy in a yellow shirt across the room and I could see him battling with tears. It was so frustrating and yet so funny. But one thing really amazed me; no team ever gave up although occasionally some will just sit and stare at their robots.


Trial and error was the motto of the morning as teams worked tirelessly to make their robots work. However, a couple of teams had it easy though, their robots were working perfectly and the smiles on their faces showed it all. Anyway, I managed to get my robot to follow the wall and trust me, it wasn’t easy. If you ever get to program robots, remember to have lots of patience because robots can really, really annoy.

 Lily, Fatima and Fedora