The Easy Escape from Think-A-Bot Land.

We’re here debating amongst ourselves on the controversial topic of whether evening starts at 16:00 or at dark. Well, the majority is supporting the former; here are our adventures in the evening at Ashesi University College on August 14. We were informed at Aburi Gardens of the history of a crashed helicopter by Delali whilst the ‘chilling’ went on there. Then came the sad part: the return. Hey wait, that could be a cool movie title. Anyway, we returned to the grandest stage of all, Ashesi (Don’t think so? Then you really need to see the pictures) to continue our Robotics workshop.



Well, we resumed the workshop on robotics around 7:00 GMT. We, the Ashesi mentees – worked on our almost complete robots with some supervision from our mentors, whom we sometimes hate because the just don’t really take their eyes off us, and love because they do help us in our assessment and evaluation of robot performances. We did complete assembling and coding our robots to undertake the given day’s task which was to make the robot go through a maze using its sensors (ultrasound, touch and light sensors) with the ‘smallest bit’ of help from Dr. Korsah (the charming and witty Assistant Professor of the Computer Science Department at Ashesi). Dr. Korsah gave us some hints on calculating the right spin motions on the NXT’s wheels to keep the robot from going off its intended course which happen in most cases leaving us wondering just what was wrong and wishing that the robots could at least perform a little thinking on their own.


Additionally, our school teachers, who are in the ICT department in our various schools, came along to see how far we were going with the robotics course. Though we must admit, we caught some people almost dozing off and others fidgeting with their phones mostly out of stress and exhaustion, but it was a really fun and educating experience.


Later in the evening when the workshop was over, we were made to think about the acts we were performing in our respective groups for the Talent Show on Friday. Oh how busy every group was as the lab became as busy and as noisy as a typical market place. Some even looked up some stuff from the internet to polish up their acts. Eventually, two groups had the chance to practice and polish up their acts for Friday at the ‘Cave’.


Well with all of this practicing, I just can’t wait till Friday to see what the various groups have in store for us. Too add to the story Delali told us about the helicopter and the Japanese pilot, well, that was all made up.

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Nana, Terry and Kwasi